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Johann Strauss inspired by Brahms?

Our orchestra opened 2011with waltzes & polkas. As always, the mix is surprisingly tiring to play being pretty much the same physical movements all through the concert. Aside from that I find real enjoyment in the quality of many of … Continue reading

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Ein Heldenleben – Hero overcomes minor flaw?

We know Richard Strauss was portraying himself, tongue in cheek, in Ein Heldenleben. The companion piece Don Quixote was written one year earlier and Strauss felt the two pieces where linked together even though this seldom, if ever, is taken … Continue reading

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Prokofiev vln concerto no 2

In the second violin concerto by Prokofiev, second movement, there is in the last bar a small phrase for clarinet and solo bass. For some reason this often comes out less convincing than it should despite being quite easy to … Continue reading

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Haydn 95 and Beethoven

This week we have played the Haydn 95 symphony. Written in 1791 this is one of the famous London symphonies for which Haydn was greatly rewarded in fame as well as cash. He must have been proud and happy when … Continue reading

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